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Corruption Investigation and Prosecution Directorate (IPD)


Contact Info


Deputy Director: Terefe Wordefa
Telephone: +251 011 552 7782
Fax: +251 011 553 6991
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mission of IPD

  • To investigate, prosecute corruption and impropriety and carryout Asset Recovery.
    Objectives of IPD
  •  To investigate any complaints of alleged or suspected serious breaches of the codes of ethics and follow up the taking of proper measures,
  • To investigated and prosecute suspected corruption offences specified in the criminal code or in other laws
  • In connection with corruption offences, to investigate and obtain information by the order of the commissioner, any bank account of suspect persons
  •  To freeze , by court order, the assets of any person who may be under investigation for corruption offences
  • Cause the forfeiture of, through court order, any assets and wealth obtained by corruption or its equivalent to the state
  •  To facilitate, in cooperation with relevant bodies ,the condition for the protection of physical and job security of witness and whistleblowers, 

Legal Frame work:

To accomplish the above mentioned duties the IPD apply the following laws:-

  •  1995 criminal code of Ethiopia,
  •  Proclamation No. 433/2005,
  • Proclamation No. 434/2005

 Structure of the Directorate

Investigation and Prosecution Directorate (IPD) is organized with five teams. These are:-

  • The Registrar Team,
  •  Investigation Teams(seven teams),
  •  Support Team,  
  • Court Prosecution Team and
  •  Asset Recovery Team

The IPD has the following Duties and Responsibilities:-

  •  Receive tips-off and complaints (physically or on telephone, through e-mail, on fax and through post offices),
  •  Sort those cases which comes within its jurisdiction,
  • Classify cases accordingly to their level of severity (very grand, grand or petty corruption offences),
  • Gives direction and send them for investigation or order the concerned bodies to take appropriate measure and follow up the 


  • Delegate the investigation of petty corruption cases to other investigation bodies,
  •  Upon receiving cases from the registrar to conduct the investigation,
  •  Decide on investigated cases in accordance with relevant laws,
  • Frame charges in court,
  • Investigate serious breaches of codes of ethics,
  • Search out the address or look for suspects and arrest,
  • Assist the investigator while conducting house search,
  • Escort detainees while moving from prison to court,
  • Deliver summons to the addressee,
  • Prosecute the corruption offence in court and seek the alleged offender is convicted and punished.
  • Assess assets of a suspect obtained by corruption or its equivalent,
  • Restraining such assets , by court order, of any person who is under investigation or prosecution for corruption offence,
  •  Cause, by court order, the forfeiture of any assets and wealth obtained by corruption or its equivalent,

Man Power and professional mix of the IPD

  • Currently IPD has 87 staff members, consisting Investigators , Prosecutors and Support staffs,
  • Investigators are divers in their profession, includes such as economists, accountants, ex-police officers, lawyers etc. …,
  • To raise their skill Staff members are periodically provided with training on procurement, sales, banking & insurance, financial management, contract administration, project administration, relevant laws etc. …,

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