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Restrained and Confiscated assets


The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is authorized to freeze, by court order, assets and wealth that are allegedly obtained through corruption. The court shall issue a confiscation order proportionate to the property acquired by the corruption offence, where the accused is found guilty.

Accordingly the Commission has so far restrained the following assets through Court order ፡-

  • 1,804, 859 square meters of land
  •  81 kg of gold In connection with gold fraud
  • 15 kg of gold, taken to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) illegally
  • 71,439,158 Birr
  • 110 vehicles,
  • 80 houses and buildings,
  •  20 hotels and shops, four factories and other properties equivalent to the sum lost through fraud.

It has also been possible to transfer፡-

  • 433, 540 square meters of land
  •  12,385,082 Birr
  • 21 vehicles,
  • 7 houses to government ownership on Court order.
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