Background of the Commission Background of the Commission

Objectives of the Commission

      Initial Objective of the Commission

After thoroughly examining the experiences of some successful Anti-corruption Authorities in the world it was the Hong Kong model which was found to be the best fitting to the Ethiopian context. Accordingly, the three pronged approach was introduced as a strategy to fight corruption in Ethiopia, namely:

  • Educating the public so that corruption would not be condoned/tolerated,
  • Preventing corruption through system studies and providing recommendations so as to fill the loop holes observed in the system study,
  • Identifying, detecting, investigating and prosecuting corruption offences.


According to the initial establishment proclamation FEACC had jurisdiction only in corruption cases committed in the Federal Public offices and enterprises and subsidies of the Federal government made to Regional states.

As the Ethiopian constitution provides for Federal form of government, there is one Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in each of the nine Regional State with similar mandate in its own respective region.

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