Background of the Commission Background of the Commission

Major activities accomplished by FEACC and REACCs


The following activities has been accomplished by FEACC and   REACCs,

  • Ethics and anti-corruption education aiming at creating an aware society where corruption may not be tolerated has been given to millions of Ethiopians using both electronic and print Media.
  • In a bid to prevent corruption before it is committed, hundreds of system studies have been conducted and recommendations given following the findings and follow up mechanisms were put in place to see to it that the recommendations were executed.
  • With regard to enforcing anti-corruption laws, thousands of cases were investigated, prosecuted and some of the stolen assets returned  through court decisions,
  • In a bid to engage the public in the fight against corruption, thousands of CSOs, religious Institutions, Professional associations youth and women associations, anti-corruption clubs and coalitions at different levels etc. were organized and brought on board to take part in the fight against corruption,
  • Assets Registration and Declaration is the other anti-corruption measure introduced in Ethiopia to prevent corruption, build trust, facilitate for transparency and accountability. To this end, assets of several parliamentarians, political appointees, some category of civil servants and their close family members were registered at Federal level alone.  Some of the registered asset information was used as evidence in corruption investigation and prosecution. Currently FEACC is working to automate the registration system.

Current Objective of the Commission

The objective of the Commission substantially remains the same except that Identifying, detecting, investigating and prosecuting corruption offences which now includes corruption offences committed in undertakings of public organizations and corruption offences involving huge amount of money committed in highly strategic public offices, public enterprises, public organizations and public organizations operating in more than one states are transferred to Federal Police and Attorney General as of 2016 as it is deemed necessary for the effective functioning of the law enforcement measures.

The government of Ethiopia has adopted a preventive approach as a major instrument to fight corruption. Hence, in a bid to prevent corruption, FEACC has been examining the working procedures in government organizations and public enterprises thereby plugging loopholes, which may be conducive to corrupt practices, provided recommendations and followed up their implementation.

In its efforts launched to investigate and prosecute corruption offences in public offices, public enterprises, and public organizations, the Commission has managed to bring corruptors to court and caused the confiscation of several properties acquired through corruption.

In general, FEACC has registered encouraging achievements in coordinating the nationwide fight against corruption over the past years. However, it is the Commission’s strong conviction that the anti-corruption struggle should be continued in a strengthened manner to attain better results.

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